Some Growing Opportunities In Effective Princess Facepainting Plans

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Until recently, industry paid $15 million a year into the fund. It doubled to $30 million annually in 2015. "Since the orphan fund was established, industry has contributed almost a quarter of a billion dollars and this funding has been used to successfully abandon almost a thousand wells and reclaim over 600 sites," said Brad Herald, the chair of the OWA. The funds that the province will loan the industry will not fully take care of the inventory of wells already on the books of the OWA, but it will help to get oil services workers back on the job. "The agreement will put people to work as early this summer and will go toward cleaning up orphaned wells over the next three years," Notley said. Notley made the announcement on an orphan well site near Carstairs, north of Calgary. The well was drilled in 1980, saw 10 different owners and was orphaned in 2015. Report calls for Alberta to put a time limit on inactive oil and gas wells "By the end of this summer, you won't be able to tell there was even a well here," she said. Many oil services workers have been reluctant to come back to the industry because of its uncertainty, but this funding will help, according to Mark Salkeld, chief executive of the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC). "A lot of that talent is leery of coming back into that sector for fear of not having a long-term opportunity.

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