A Look At Core Criteria In Party Rentals

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To keep us world standard, we will have to make these changes, Heck said. Weve kept it maintained. Over the years, theres been several millions of dollars in regular routine maintenance and repairs that have gone into it. The publics recreational bob rides with experienced drivers will be unaffected as they start lower down on the luge track. There have been many triumphs on the Calgary track, but also tragedy. A group of teenage boys climbed over the security fence to joyride on tobaggans in the middle of the night just over a year ago. Two deaths and serious injuries resulted from colliding with the barrier that changes the track from a bob run to a luge run. Reconfiguring the track was in the works before 2016, according to Heck. This is a project thats been on the books at WinSport for several years now, recognizing the sliding track is a tremendous asset, but it is approaching end of life, Heck said. Its over 30 years now and it needs a modernization and a renovation. Calgary is currently exploring a possible bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

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